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Celebrating the PSC 10th Anniversary

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Planetarium Science Center opening, in 2002, the Center has organizeed a festivity titled “Celebrating The Future”, to celebrate all those who contributed to the promotion of scientific activities of this edifice, and to discuss the views and experiences of all the center participants. The workshop hosted a group of students who had participated in various activities at the Centre, and have represented Egypt in regional and international competitions. It also hosted a number of esteemed teachers and professors who always have believed in the Center message, and have effectively contributed to helping the students in various aspects at the center. This was in presence of a number of outstanding volunteers, who have always helped spreading the message of science and knowledge. The aim of the day was to shed light on the activities of the PSC and their impact on the decisions of participating students, in the selection of the fields of their undergraduate study. It also aimed to monitor various views of how to develop the Center activities to attract more students, and access to the largest base of school and university students Pursuant to the Center motto “Science for All”. The event aimed to create a sustainable cycle that links between the center and the active participants involved in its activities. All this was accomplished through interactive activities and non-traditional discussions , as the theme of the workshop was to improve the transparency level of activities, in order to maintain the Center leadership in the field of informal education.