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Sissa Medialab

Sissa Medialab is a not for profit company owned by SISSA-International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste. It specializes in all forms of science communication with a strong international viewpoint, relying on a network of thousands of scientists around the world. It caters both to the general public, from small children to adults, and to the scientific community. Sissa Medialab produces and manages a number of scientific journals including JHEP, JCAP, JSTAT, JINST and JCOM. It organizes projects, events, educational programs, and innovative products to communicate science participating in numerous European projects. Sissa Medialab is responsible for the design and implemention of various themed exhibitions and provides consultation for the creation of science museums and science centers. Sissa Medialab has organized training courses in several European countries as well as Brazil and Mexico which have included science museum personnel, scientists and researchers from all over the world.