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Pilots Training Course starts soon in Trieste, Italy

More than 30 participants from science centres all over Europe, and even Brazil, will meet in Trieste, Italy, on 12 to 16 September 2011 for the first Pilots Summer School organized by Ecsite. An engaging five-day programme will drive participants to share experiences and best practices, learn from an experienced group of trainers, share materials which were developed during the EU-funded Pilots project and have a great time together.

Take a look at the course webpage for the course programme and practical info on the venue of the course, which is being hosted by SISSA Medialab (Trieste, Italy) and Hiša eksperimentov (Ljubljana, Slovenia).



Sissa Medialab

Sissa Medialab is a not for profit company owned by SISSA-International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste. It specializes in all forms of science communication with a strong international viewpoint, relying on a network of thousands of scientists around the world. It caters both to the general public, from small children to adults, and to the scientific community.

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