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NorthernLight Design 24 March 2017
iF design award 2017

The ‘dayfinding app’ for Tate Gallery London has been awarded the iF Gold Design Award in the category Service Design. The app was developed by Fabrique and Q42, with creative consultancy on concept and user experience by NorthernLight.

NorthernLight Design 23 February 2017

NorthernLight congratulates Digimagic Communications on winning the Platinum Award in the AVA Digital Awards for the E3 (E-mmersive Experiential Environments) exhibition, a project commissioned by the Science Centre Singapore. NorthernLight designed and developed the concept for this exhibition. Digimagic was responsible for the multimedia production of the project.

NorthernLight Design 9 December 2016
NorthernLight working on Floriade 2022

Floriade, the World Horticultural Exhibition, will open its 7th edition in spring 2022 in Almere. NorthernLight and BLOC have been selected to develop the new Floriade concept, including the identity, storyline, overall plan and marketing strategy.

The Floriade Expo will focus on the implications of worldwide urbanization on food, climate change and energy demand. It will be a ‘living lab’, a testing ground for research to innovative systems in the area of residual flows, water purification, water, mobility and food production in particular.

NorthernLight Design 7 November 2016

One Planet, world’s first exhibition about the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations opened at the Museon. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations wrote a special video message for the opening of the exhibition, which was developed and designed by NorthernLight.

NorthernLight Design 4 November 2016
Malta's first science centre

Esplora, Malta’s first interactive Science Centre officially opened on the 28th of October. NorthernLight and Bruns have been responsible for designing and building the Universe exhibition and the ground floor of the Main Exhibition Building, featuring over 100 interactive exhibits.The science centre is located in the former naval hospital site; an impressive building at a beautiful location, overlooking the historic capital city of Valletta.

NorthernLight Design 12 October 2016

The Dutch Sound and Vision museum has opened ‘Let’s Youtube’, the first exhibition about YouTube in the world. The highly interactive exhibition, designed and developed by NorthernLight, enables visitors to experience the impact YouTube has on their lives.

NorthernLight Design 10 October 2016

NorthernLight designed all exhibitions for the 2000 m2 interactive energy science centre in Shenzhen, China. It tells the story of energy throughout history and around the world. If focusses on global issues and developments, as well as local energy supply in the multi million inhabitants city of Shenzhen. The spectacular entrance of the centre is a dome projection that immerses visitors into the history of planet Earth from an energy point of view. In the following thematic areas, some 100 interactive exhibits lets visitor s experience the story of energy in past and present.

NorthernLight Design 3 October 2016

NorthernLight has been selected to redevelop the media centre of the Olympic village in Sochi. The aim is to build the biggest science attraction in Russia, including a talent-development program in the field of sports, art and science.

NorthernLight Design 16 September 2016
Interactive exhibition 100 Years Schiphol Airport

From September 2016 the Amsterdam Museum presents the exhibition ‘100 years of Schiphol -ready for departure’. In this interactive family exhibition, designed and developed by NorthernLight, visitors learn how the airport grew from a muddy meadow into one of world’s most important airports.

NorthernLight Design 7 September 2016

NorthernLight was asked by creative agency Fabrique and technical agency Q42 to join in the international tender for developing a wayfinding app for the Tate Museums. The tender was won with the simple concept: from wayfinding to dayfinding. An app that is a friendly and intuitive companion to help make your visit the best visit possible. By the end of 2015, development started on the app that will personalize and enrich a visit to Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate St. Ives. NorthernLight has functioned as a creative consultant for the concept and development phase.