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World’s first exhibition about YouTube

The Dutch Sound and Vision museum has opened ‘Let’s Youtube’, the first exhibition about YouTube in the world. The highly interactive exhibition, designed and developed by NorthernLight, enables visitors to experience the impact YouTube has on their lives.

The exhibition is designed to be one big adventure, based on gamification principles. At a series of game stations, visitors test their knowledge about the history, impact and effects of YouTube. After completing this ‘YouTube IQ test’, they can unlock one of the YouTube Rooms; three high tech studios where they create their own video top upload on YouTube. While they wait for their video to be uploaded, they can get a refreshment at the YouTube Bar or get some inspiration from the YouTube wall, showing the best of YouTube worldwide.

Impact of YouTube

The media landscape has changed tremendously in the last decade. You can watch video at any time in any place and content can be produced by anyone around the world. With YouTube being the biggest online video platform, and the second biggest social media platform in the world, it was very exciting to work with the Sound and Vision museum to design this unique educational experience.


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