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Interactive energy science centre in Shenzhen

NorthernLight designed all exhibitions for the 2000 m2 interactive energy science centre in Shenzhen, China. It tells the story of energy throughout history and around the world. If focusses on global issues and developments, as well as local energy supply in the multi million inhabitants city of Shenzhen. The spectacular entrance of the centre is a dome projection that immerses visitors into the history of planet Earth from an energy point of view. In the following thematic areas, some 100 interactive exhibits lets visitor s experience the story of energy in past and present. The visit is concluded with impressive displays of present day and futuristic sustainable energy solutions.

NorthernLight designed all exhibitions and exhibits, developed the visual identity and graphics, as well as scripted all multimedia- and audiovisual exhibits. The most important multimedia exhibits, 30 in total, were developed, programmed ad installed by Dutch specialists YIPP (www.yipp.nl). The spectacular Energy Dome projection was made by another great Dutch company, ShoSho (www.shosho.nl).


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