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Redevelopment of Olympic Village Sochi

NorthernLight has been selected to redevelop the media centre of the Olympic village in Sochi. The aim is to build the biggest science attraction in Russia, including a talent-development program in the field of sports, art and science.

The indoor park covers an area of 60,000 m2 and will consist of 10 different worlds about art, science, sport, dance and health. In each individual world visitors are informed, inspired and put into action. The underlying theme is to meet the heroes of the past and to be the talent of the future. In addition to the main attractions, restaurants and research laboratories will be built.

The worlds will be developed in corporation with famous Russian cultural institutes like the Hermitage St Petersburg and Russian National Ballet and well-known universities. NorthernLight is also working on an autonomous driving test circuit on the F1 circuit and a fully operational urban farm that will supply the areas surrounding Sochi village with food.

In 2018 the Sochi Sirius Park will be open to the public.


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