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Science Comedy Night

10 November 2017
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Science Comedy Night at Technopolis, Belgium - one of the actions developed by Ecsite members for 2017 International Science Centres and Science Museum Day

In celebration of the second International Science Centre and Science Museum Day on 10 November, Technopolis is organizing its very first Science Comedy Night.

In order to prove that science and comedy are a match made in heaven, Technopolis is organizing a Science Comedy Night with a series of famous Flemish science comedians such as Lieven Scheire, Jeroen Baert en Michaël Van Damme. Not only will guest be thoroughly entertained, they will also learn more about science – probably without even realizing it. In addition to the party of well-established comedians, Technopolis also announces a special mystery guest.

The Science Comedy Night is best suited for (young) adults aged 16 and older because of the degree of difficulty of the scientific concepts used by the comedians.


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Technopolis, the Flemish Science Centre

Technopolis endeavours to fascinate everyone with science and technology no matter who or where they are. Up until recently, Technopolis was best known for its popular science centre in Mechelen, which is frequented by especially young families and schools. However, in recent years Technopolis has become a brand for all kinds of activities both inside and outside of Technopolis, both online and offline.