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Together, digitally

Ecsite members met during weekly, themed, drop-in exchange sessions and a private LinkedIn forum.

Between March and June 2020, Ecsite held weekly drop-in exchange sessions via Zoom for its members. These drop-in sessions covered a variety of themes, from communicating Covid-19 to our audiences, to our digital role, to news ways of designing physical spaces after the pandemic.

They were not full webinar sessions, but a more informal opportunity for members to share information and challenges they found. Presentations from the speakers can all be found in our members only LinkedIn forum page.

Past exchanges:

  • Tuesday, 2 June - 'Online and hybrid science festivals and events' with Leonardo Alfonsi, Psiquadro, Inês Oliveira, Ciência Viva and Wiktor Gajewski, Copernicus Science Centre.
  • Tuesday, 26 May - 'Re-opening: adapting interactive exhibits and exhibitions' with Raphaël Chanay, Universcience, Michel Junge, phaeno and Marie Couëdic, Ecsite.
  • Tuesday, 19 May - 'Plans and guidelines for re-opening' with Bärbel Auffermann, Stiftung Neanderthal Museum, Kim Gladstone Herlev, Experimentarium and Bruno Maquart, Universcience.
  • Tuesday, 12 May - 'Being relevant to research' with Catarina Ramos, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown and Nathalie Caplet, Bordeaux Recherche Intégrée en Oncologie (BRIO), a cancer research programme in France
  • Tuesday, 5 May - 'The new role of formal education in conjunction with informal and non-formal education' with Maria Xanthoudaki and Jamie Bell
  • Tuesday, 28 April - 'Creating interactivity online' with Matteo Merzagora, TRACES and speakers from Exploratório - Ciencia Viva
  • Tuesday, 21 April - 'New ways to design and maintain our physical spaces after the pandemic' with Aisling Murray, Science Gallery Dublin and Stephane Berghmans, Technopolis
  • Tuesday, 14 April - no drop-in session due to the Easter break
  • Tuesday, 7 April - ‘The digital role of science engagement organisations’ with Board member Stephane Berghmans, Technopolis
  • Tuesday, 31 March - ‘How to communicate to our audiences about the coronavirus’ with Board member Bruno Maquart, Universcience
  • Tuesday, 24 March - 'Motivating your teams during the pandemic'
  • Tuesday, 17 March - General session

LinkedIn forum

An Ecsite members-only LinkedIn forum is available 24/7 and is a place to share resources and advice, as well as useful articles and information that you may have found useful in managing your organisation throughout the pandemic. Joining is simple, simply follow the link to the forum and request to join.


News 25 June 2020
#EcsiteOnline - together, digitally

#EcsiteOnline took place between 13 May and 19 June 2020 to replace the #Ecsite2020 Conference and keep the community connected. We look back.

News 25 June 2020

The Ecsite Business day took place on 19 June and delved into the work of over 20 museums and other scicomm companies. You can re-watch all of it on our YouTube playlist.

News 11 June 2020

The first ever Ecsite day took place on Thursday 11 June - we'd love to have your feedback, comments and questions

News 11 June 2020
Finale from the Ecsite Jazz Band

11 June saw almost 800 attendees join from 57 countries, for a day of togetherness, stimulation, networking and interactive sessions. Missed the event or want to re-watch? Not a problem, find all the sessions on our YouTube channel.

News 9 June 2020
19 June will be dedicated to business opportunities

Join us for Business networking opportunities and stimulating, exciting exhibition and product demos on 19 June.

News 2 June 2020

11 June will be our Ecsite day, full of sessions and activities for all to join. You can check out the details on our new Ecsite app.


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