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Ecsite Business day programme

19 June will be dedicated to business opportunities

The Ecsite Business day - 19 June

All the Ecsite Business day sessions will be freely accessible to all attendees within the Ecsite community & beyond, even after the event ends and they will also be made available on Ecsite’s YouTube channel.

Exhibitors have specific time slots on 19 June and a dedicated business page for you to browse below, allowing you to access photos, videos and brochures and contact them to find out more.


Join us from 10.30 CEST for a warm welcome from Ecsite's Executive Director Catherine Franche, before we kick-start the day with two exciting sessions from the Natural History Museum of Toulouse and Create.eu. After lunch, we travel to the 'Renaissance' with Universcience, the Jurassic world with the Natural History Museum and take a look into gamification with Creo. We then return after a coffee and networking break to hear more on how to corona-proof our interactive exhibits from YIPP, before finishing the day with a session of 'What's new in touring exhibitions,' convened by Conference favourite Audrey O'Connell.

Detailed programme information is all live and available for you to browse in the Ecsite web app. Haven't installed the app yet? Not a problem, simply follow these instructions and you'll be connected in minutes!


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