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Discover the Ecsite day programme

#EcsiteOnline will be taking to your screens on 11 June, which would have been the first day of this year's Conference. The Ecsite day will be a full day of webinar sessions, a keynote lecture, games and activities as well as networking opportunities to help connect our network in these distancing times.

The full Ecsite day programme is now available on our new Ecsite app. In order to start using the app, all you have to do is:

1. Open your preferred browser on your mobile phone
2. Type in app.ecsite.eu
3. You'll either be prompted to save the app to your home screen or you'll need to do it manually (on the top right-hand side of your browser)
4. Find the app on your home screen, enter your email address and a unique pin will be sent to your inbox
5. Complete your profile (your biography is one of the most important features as users will use a free search field to find others within the network)
6. Browse its features, connect and enjoy! Make sure you familiarise yourself and take full advantage of it ahead of the day

There is no fee to join the collaboration on 11 June and you can decide when to enter and leave at times that suit you best. The day will begin at 10.00 CEST with frequent breaks for networking, joining or arranging meetups and catching up with peers.

We'll share more information on how to join in on our Crowdcast channel in the coming days - stay tuned and make sure that you're signed up to receive information on Ecsite events, so that you are kept up-to-date with news.


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