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FAQ - Business

Here you will find a compilation of everything you need to know in detail about Business at the upcoming Ecsite Online Conference!


 I want to sponsor/host a booth at the Conference, who should I contact?

Not a problem! We have several possibilities available; please contact Daphnie Daras at ddaras@ecsite.eu


Where can I register to get my booth? 

To register to get your booth, click here!


I am interested in the Touring exhibitions, where can I find some information? 

You will find everything you need to know about the Touring exhibitons and Project showcase here.


What are the sponsorship packages on offer for the Online Conference?

There are several sponsor packages available : Silver, Gold and Platinum

Silver sponsor :

€3200 ex VAT

(unlimited: deadline 15 May)

Includes all the Exhibitor package benefits (One Conference ticket and a Booth at the expo area of the Conference - includes company logo and description, possibility for pre-recorded videos and live sessions, chat, polls and one-on-one calls with booth visitors) plus:

  • Hyperlinked sponsor logo displayed in all Conference communications as Silver Sponsor
  • Hyperlinked sponsor logo displayed prominently on the Conference page in the Ecsite website.
  • Hyperlinked sponsor logo displayed prominently on the Reception page of the Conference venue (Hopin.com).
  • Sponsor logo in the Ecsite app (as Silver Sponsor).
  • Mention by the Ecsite President during one of the Conference days

Gold sponsor :

€7500 ex VAT

(unlimited: deadline 15 May)

Includes the Exhibitor and Visibility packages benefits plus:

  • Your company logo with a Gold Sponsor label
  • A larger booth with higher priority size on Hopin → medium
  • 30 seconds advertisement at a plenary moment
  • Two Conference tickets (extra one-person
    Conference registration already included
  • Parallel session slot

Platinum sponsor :

€9.000 ex VAT

(maximum three: deadline 15 May)

Includes the Exhibitor, Visibility and Session packages benefits plus:

  • Your company logo with a Platinum Sponsor label
  • The largest booth size, with the highest priority size on Hopin → large
  • 7 minutes plenary exposure


What are the exhibitor packages on offer for the Online Conference?

There are two exhibitors packages available : 

Exhibitor with mini booth = €1250 ex VAT

Exhibitor with small booth = €1500 ex VAT 

Medium and large size booths are reserved for Conference Sponsors.



  • One booth (mini or small) at the Business area (logo, text, videos, chat, polls, live sessions and one-on-one calls with visitors)
  • One free Conference ticket (plus one extra ticket if you're an Ecsite member)
  • Access to resources to set up your booth to get the most out of your Online Conference experience


Where can I find the Business opportunities brochure? 

You can find the brochure here


 What is the VAT rate in Belgium?

The fees are subject to the Belgian VAT standard rate of 21% when applicable.


Where can I find the Business Terms and Conditions? 

You will find the Terms and Conditions here


What are the booth sizes, and how do I choose? 

You will find four sizes of booth: mini, small, medium and large. The size of your booth depends on which package you have; find out below which one you will get!

The Exhibitor packages or being a Silver sponsor entitle you to a mini or small booth

Gold sponsors will have a medium booth

Platinum sponsors will have a large booth



What are the possibilities for visibility within a booth? What do you advise? 

We strongly advise you to schedule live sessions with your own programme inside your booth and to also add: branded content, your website and social media links, special offers, the "Register interest" button so that you can receive interested visitors' contact information. Feel free to also share pre-recorded videos from Youtube or Vimeo for instance when you are not live. 


 I want to include logos and banners to my booth, what are the size recommendations?

The sizes of your booth, logo, and banner will depend on the business and sponsor package that you choose. To find more about Hopin's recommendations, please check out the link below:



Can I add a video to my banner instead of a picture or logo?​

No, in your banner you can add a picture or an animated gif, but videos are not supported. You can add your video inside your booth. We recommend animated gifs in your banner as they'll draw visitors' attention.


How can I navigate around my Expo booth?​

You can check out this video from Hopin to have a better understanding and to see how your booth and screen will look.


How can I moderate a session in my booth?​

The event organiser has pre-determined you as a moderator with the possibility to go on-screen (share your audio/video) whenever you choose.

Attendees can request to join you on-screen by sharing their audio/video, but they must be approved by a moderator to be brought on-screen. Moderators will see a blue button that says "Share Audio and Video." Moderators can go on-screen at any time by clicking this button.


Can attendees access my booth at any time during the event?

Yes, attendees will be able to access your booth at any time for as long as the event is enabled. Our advise is to use any opportunities during the Conference networking moments to let people know about your booth.


How many people can be in my booth at the same time? 

You will have the opportunity to share a live discussion with 10 people who will be able to share their audio and video in your booth. Other than that, 500 attendees will be able to watch your booth and write comments in the comment section.


How can I add a video to my booth?

From the "Booth video / content provider" drop-down menu, select your preferred video source (YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia). Then, enter the video ID of the video you want to embed in your booth. Click Save. 


How can I add a YouTube playlist?

  • Adding a YouTube playlist will let attendees select which video(s) they want to watch.
  • Instead of adding the video ID, add the entire playlist URL.

The playlist link must include *https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=*

  • To find the YouTube playlist URL:

1. Open your YouTube playlist and click the playlist name on the right-hand side:

2. Copy the URL from your browser:


 How can I add a private Vimeo video?​

If your Vimeo video is set to private, only include the first set of numbers when inputting the video ID into Hopin.

A private Vimeo link has two sets of numbers separated by a forward slash: /

For example, to make https://vimeo.com/451005534/d0328 play in Hopin, only add the first set of numbers into Hopin (451005534). Do not include the second set of characters after the forward slash (d0328).


How can I add Google Slides deck to my expo booth?

1. From the "Booth video / content provider" drop-down menu, select Google Slides.


2. Enter the link to your Google Slide deck. 

TIP: Enter the link to your Google Slide deck. 

3. Click Save.


 When can I test the platform?

You can test the platform with a mock-up event on either 24 or 25 May.


When participants are most likely to come to the Business buzz?

We anticipate the highest traffic times for the expo will be at 15.00 CEST on 9-10 June. On 11 June we will dedicate the 15.00-15.45 CEST slot to the Happy hour 2.1  - people can visit the Business Buzz area without any distractions.



Where can I find the recorded exhibitors tech run video?

The tech run video for exhibitors is available : Tech run exhibitors


Where can I find the exhibitors guide?

The exhibitors guide is available on this link. 



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