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Stay in touch with the latest developments in European science engagement... Ecsite offers ongoing news on this website, as well as a monthly online magazine, Spokes.

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News 26 January 2015

What is RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation)? There are a number of possible definitions… Watch this video to see the European Union’s take on this question… and stay tuned for updates from the RRI Tools project, now entering its second year. 26 institutions from 30 countries are participating – including Ecsite and some of its members.

News 14 January 2015

This month we put food in a social and historical context with Anne Jorunn Frøyen, Project Manager at the Jaermuseet in Naerbø, Norway. This is our third interview in the “cooking the conference” series - monthly portraits giving readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of preparation work for the 2015 Ecsite Annual Conference (11-13 June, Trento, Italy).

Calls 8 January 2015

As science engagement professionals, freedom of information and speech is core to our daily values and practices. We believe that science needs open-minded, democratic societies and unhampered exchange of ideas to thrive. We honour the memory of those who died in the Paris attacks. We will keep using our organizations’ power to engage millions of citizens in dialogue and foster tolerance in our societies.

News 7 January 2015

The latest Spokes is on its way to members right now… This is the last paper issue: we’re going digital in the spring. More in the coming weeks.

News 17 December 2014

Click on the image to see the card.

News 5 December 2014

The SeeingNano project will create novel visualisation tools for enhanced nanotechnology awareness. Social scientists, nano scientists and visualisation experts will collaborate to develop tools allowing different target audiences to “see at the nano scale” thus engaging with the breadth of nanotechnologies and the uncertainties and potential risks connected to them. A public repository of tools and best practices will be created.

News 28 November 2014

We heard recently that the EUSPACE-AWE proposal submitted with other partners under the Horizon 2020 framework has been successful. EUSPACE-AWE uses the excitement of space to attract young people to science and technology and stimulate European and global citizenship.

News 25 November 2014

Headquarters Magazine Europe, a publication aimed at association executives, features in its November issue an inspiring interview with our Executive Director, Catherine Franche. A good opportunity to read some thoughtful words about Ecsite’s beginnings and core mission, the challenges it meets, or its future as an organisation. Click the link below to discover it.

News 20 November 2014
siika prepared for the cooking the conference portrait

The 2015 Ecsite Annual Conference will be taking place on 11-13 June at MUSE in Trento, Italy. Each month, we’ll be giving you a glimpse of preparation work going on behind-the-scenes and interviewing a different person involved in cooking up the largest science engagement professional event in Europe. A good opportunity for them to tell us more about their role, their take on the “Food for curious minds” conference theme and their favourite recipe. This month, we’re interviewing Mikko Myllykoski, Experience Director at Heureka (The Finnish Science Centre, Vantaa) and Chair of the ACPC (Annual Conference Programme Committee).

News 20 November 2014

EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas gave a speech at the Sis-RRI conference in Rome yesterday evening, in which he mentioned at length the Ecsite-led VOICES citizen consultation. He tweeted a picture with Ecsite Executive Director Catherine Franche and Pr. Jacqueline Broerse from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, stating: "glad to have met representatives from the VOICES project tonight".


Digital Spokes magazine

Spokes is the monthly magazine of Ecsite, the European network of science centres and museums. Hear the latest news from European science engagement, go further with in-depth features and make the most of the good reads, events and opportunities shared by Ecsite members.

Spokes magazine #70, January 2021

IN DEPTH: Who's ready for some good news? by Alexandra Canet 

LOOKOUT: Telling the whole story with Andrew Whittington-Davis

PORTFOLIO: New exhibitions by Emily Cronin

COLUMN: Aspirations for 2021 by Herbert Münder

COLUMN: Spokes is evolving by Maria Xanthoudaki

And also: news from Ecsite members, good reads, jobs, project updates...

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