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International Days for Biological Diversity: “Let It Grow” Campaign Peak

Let It Grow Toulouse

Some big days for biodiversity are coming up very soon!
From 20 to 22 May Let It Grow campaign members will be busy showing their appreciation for Europe’s native species by promoting a whole range of activities. You still have time to be a part of this joint campaign by Ecsite, BGCI and EAZA, making it a particularly impactful initiative and one open to a big range of institutions.

Our members already have plenty of actions prepared

One example is the Natural History Museum of Toulouse (France) who will lead several inspiring activities ranging from exhibits to nature workshops:

The Museum will invite visitors to have a close look at all the animal and plant species hidden in their garden through an exhibition focused on discovering nature in the city;

Since they also want visitors to learn while having fun, nature and biodiversity themed games will be organized by the Museum, as well as a gardening workshop;

Moreover, for the past ten years the Natural History Museum of Toulouse has organized guided tours in “Le Sentier oublié” a left space where nature is growing freely on an abandoned industrial site. A great opportunity to delve into local biodiversity!

Taking part is easy and rewarding

We would like to thank everyone who has organized or is planning to have Let It Grow events in their institutions.The impact of 180+ organisations working towards the same goals has been exceedingly positive.

And thank you to all the Ecsite members who took the time to complete our survey. It’s been a great opportunity for Ecsite to get a clearer picture of member organisations engaging audiences with environmental topics.

Time to Let It Grow!


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