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Arriving earlier and/or staying after #Ecsite2017?

Guimarães castle

Are you arriving earlier?

Get free access to all Ciência Viva Science Centres and ideas for travelling around Portugal (discounts in other partners not included).

Simply login to the app Circuitos Ciência Viva available for iOS and Android

user: ecsite2017@cienciaviva.pt
password: ecsite2017

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Are you staying a little bit longer?

Take the chance to visit the beautiful historic city of Guimarães or taste the best Porto wines, while enjoying the unforgettable view over Porto and the Douro river at sunset. We prepared two Ciência Viva Journeys on Sunday 18 June, especially for you.

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2017 Ecsite Conference

This 28th edition brought 1,058 participants from 52 different countries to Porto, Portugal.  A warm thank you to our brilliant hosts: Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto (MHNC-UP) and Ciência Viva - and of course to all the participants who make this conference so special!