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Calls 8 March 2021

Ecsite is looking for an individual consultant or a company to work with us in producing a two-minute+ animated video for the EU project SySTEM 2020.

News 9 February 2021
SySTEM 2020 Round#2. Credit: Laura Welzenbach.

Over the past two years SySTEM 2020 has been carrying out a two-year longitudinal survey to investigate individual STEAM learning ecologies of young learners between age 9 and 20. Overall, this longitudinal survey illustrates persisting inequalities in science learning based on age, gender and educational capital. Full report available now.

News 9 October 2020

Learning can be directed by many external influences – social, economic, locality, and mood. To assess this, SySTEM 2020 used the Experience Sampling Method and has produced a how-to guide for other researchers or practitioners to use.

News 8 June 2020
SySTEM 2020 partners trial out the zine making process

In February, SySTEM 2020 met up in Belgrade, Serbia to discuss and collaborate on new ideas for the project. As part of this meeting, SySTEM 2020 partners began trialling one of our new tools - zines - as a means for constructing learning portfolios with young learners from across Europe.

News 6 May 2020
SySTEM 2020's partner's programmes

Over the past few months, partners from SySTEM 2020 have been structuring, honing and finessing their online engagement strategy. Here we showcase some programmes from four of the partners within the project.

News 5 February 2020
Banner of the 2020 Ecsite Conference, in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The keen-eyed amongst you may have seen SySTEM 2020's emergence on this year's Ecsite Conference stage. SySTEM 2020 claimed that they have made the conference an even sweeter opportunity for professionals who engage audiences with science and technology.

News 9 January 2020
Partners from SySTEM 2020 meet up to test out a new product - the engagement tracker

SySTEM 2020 is hitting the new year running by taking steps towards answering key questions that will help us generate an in-depth look at science learning in the non-formal sector:

News 9 December 2019
Veduta Presernov in Ljubljana, Slovenia Veduta Presernov in Ljubljana, Slovenia photo by Dunja Wedam

The Ecsite conference is a yearly held science engagement conference open to all professionals who engage audiences with science and technology. It’s a conference offering “an intense mix of intellectual stimulation, purposeful and creative sessions and inspiring human encounters”. A conference of five days that pushes science professionals to join forces in shaping answers to the “Echoes from the future”, which is the theme of the next Ecsite conference held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 11-13 June 2020.

News 12 November 2019
Learners at the create your world workshop

The recent release of SySTEM 2020's newsletter covers the latest updates and tools from the informal and non-formal learning world. This new SySTEM 2020 instalment showcases:

News 8 October 2019
Celebrating achieving 2000+ map entries

Around 65% of a child’s development is due to the activities and experiences they engage with outside of the school classroom. This alone demonstrates the importance of the work SySTEM 2020 is pursuing – to assess the delivery and impact of science learning outside the classroom. One of the ways SySTEM 2020 aimed to achieve this was by mapping initiatives that provide science learning outside the classroom across 19 countries in Europe.


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