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Trialling a new tool for science learning outside the classroom - Zines

SySTEM 2020 partners trial out the zine making process

SySTEM 2020 learning portfolio - Zines

In February, SySTEM 2020 met up in Belgrade, Serbia to discuss and collaborate on new ideas for the project. As part of this meeting, SySTEM 2020 partners began trialling one of our new tools as a way to construct learning portfolios with young learners from across Europe.

The learning portfolio is a way for learners to express themselves by reflecting on STEAM learning during science, art and maker workshop and relating that to different areas of their life - things they have learnt at home, or school or through their hobbies. And what we are using for the learning portfolio is a zine. Zines are handmade pamphlets/magazines that contain anything from collage to drawings. We have found that using zines is a great way to tell stories about learning in science and the arts. Learners enjoyed making them so much, that we wanted to share the methodology more widely within the non-formal learning world. On the SySTEM 2020 website, you will find an engaging how-to guide on making zines with your learners. This tool explains making a zine step-by-step so that learners can tell their own STEAM story from wherever they might be.

This tool is aimed at educators to share with their young people and communities. But it is also for learners and their families to use and put into practice at home, as after all, zines are easy to make from home, or as part of a workshop or activity. Catch a glimpse of some of the zines made by our partners in Belgrade below and hear from Sophie Perry from Science Gallery Dublin on the benefit in implementing this tool in your educational programme - formal or non-formal.


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