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Ecsite Collaborative Grants

Ecsite Collaborative Grants support the advancement of the science engagement field by funding cross-country collaborative actions in the Ecsite professional community that fill a gap in our field and leave a long-lasting legacy.

Applications are closed for the first edition of the Ecsite Collaborative Grants, a scheme introduced by the Ecsite Board. The first funded Actions will be taking place in 2020.

An overall budget of up to €20 000 will be distributed amongst one to three actions. For each funded action, an agreement will be signed between Ecsite and one Ecsite Full member taking on the leading role in the action.

A Selection Committee composed of Ecsite Board members will be choosing funded Actions each year and assessing their outcomes. The grant money will be transferred at the end of the Action, after assessment of a report.

Any group of science engagement professionals, working for at least five Ecsite members (with one Full member leading) and from at least three different countries can apply. Groups can involve other stakeholders if relevant.


The Selection Committee will decide based on three criteria: relevance to the science engagement community; width and depth of expected impacts; and robustness of project management.

Key dates for 2020 Ecsite Collaborative Grants:

  • 2 September 2019: launch of the call for applications
  • 12 November 2019: call for applications closes
  • Beginning of January 2020: all proposals are notified of the Committee’s decision, positive or negative.

How to apply: follow the instructions given in this document.


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