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In Universum® Bremen you go on an extraordinary journey of discovery into the world of science. More than 300 exhibits let you experience and understand scientific phenomena up close and with all your senses. The three subject areas Technology, Humans and Nature are waiting to be explored.

In the subject area TECHNOLOGY you will find out astonishing things about technical objects of everyday life and their way of functioning. They accompany you every day: toaster, electric toothbrush, mobile phone. But what actually makes them work? Find out about gearing mechanisms, electric motors and the effect of signal transmission.

In the area HUMANS you can learn a lot about yourself and discover new sides of you! All your senses are needed. More than 7 billion people live on our planet. Although we are very different from each other, we also have lots in common. Test your communicative abilities, test your perception and find out whether you are a team player.

In the subject area NATURE you can discover nature in all its colours and shapes and take an unusual look at our animals. Explore and understand fascinating natural phenomena and recognize common structures: why is grass green and why are mountains pointed? What do polar lights and fireflies have in common?

Children’s Area „Milchstraße“: In our children’s area children aged from 3 to 8 years can discover the world in their own manner at about 25 fascinating exhibits.

You can explore in the open air as well! More fascinating stations on the subjects of water and wind invite you into the outdoor area. Do you know the Sky Window in our tower “Turm der Lüfte”? The 27 metres high tower does not only offer a great view over Bremen but also surprises with further interesting exhibits to try out and explore.

Striking experiments will amaze you in our daily science shows – this is science with a guaranteed fun factor.


22 October 2015 - 31 August 2016


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