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Citizen Science Clinic: Impact assessment frameworks

During this second session, participants will dig into envisioning the impact their projects could make. In order to do so, they will be presented with 3 existing citizen science impact assessment frameworks that have recently been developed. Following the presentations, they will be split into groups to see how the frameworks work in practice and how they could be applied to their own citizen science projects.

Outcomes for this event:

  • Gain a better working understanding of existing impact assessment frameworks for citizen science projects 
  • Understand the potential impact of citizen science projects


Programme overview

15:00 Introductions and icebreakers

15:15 Presentation of the EU-Citizen.Science platform

15:20 Panel of different projects that have developed frameworks for impact assessment:

  • Barbara Kieslinger from ZSI
  • Antonella Passani from Action
  • Stephen Parkinson from MICS

16:00 Practical workshops on the implementation of these frameworks

16:45 Wrap-up


  • EU citizen science
  • Ecsite workrooms


Citizen Science Clinic: How to achieve impact with your citizen science project

The Citizen Science Clinic ran from 21 June to 6 July and has now ended.

What kind of impact do I want to get from my citizen science project? And how can I guarantee that it leads to a "genuine scientific outcome" and achieves the desired societal impact, whether in terms of “answering a research question" or "informing conservation actions, empowering citizens, impacting decisions or environmental policy?" How can I ensure and monitor this impact?