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Citizen Science Clinic: Inspiring stories

For this introductory session, we will take inspiration from Anne Bowser, Director of Innovation at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars where she explores the challenge of making science better, and technology more equitable. Following her keynote, participants will discover successful citizen science projects delivering impact be it societal, scientific or political. Participants will then be split into small groups to learn more about one of the 4 projects presented.

Outcomes for this event

  • Overview of the field: "what impact can look like” 
  • A better understanding of the different types of impact with examples


Programme overview

15:00 Introductions and icebreakers

15:15 Keynote from Anne Bowser, Director of Innovation at the Wilson Center, Washington, DC followed by QA

15:45 Two presentations on societal and scientific impact:

16:00 In depth-discussion in small groups 

16:15 Break

16:20 Two policy impact presentations:

16:35 Small group discussions

16:50 Wrap-up


  • EU citizen science
  • Ecsite workrooms


Citizen Science Clinic: How to achieve impact with your citizen science project

The Citizen Science Clinic ran from 21 June to 6 July and has now ended.

What kind of impact do I want to get from my citizen science project? And how can I guarantee that it leads to a "genuine scientific outcome" and achieves the desired societal impact, whether in terms of “answering a research question" or "informing conservation actions, empowering citizens, impacting decisions or environmental policy?" How can I ensure and monitor this impact?