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Natural History Museum, Aarhus

Natural History Museum, Aarhus was founded in 1921 as an independent organisation on the initiative of several natural history societies in Denmark. The museum is supported as a research organisation by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, The Municipality of Aarhus and the University of Aarhus. The museum is situated centrally in the University Park. The buildings contain research and technical facilities, administration, exhibitions and school service. A field station donated to the museum in 1941 is situated in a Danish heathland area and comprises laboratories, two farms, and some 150 ha with access to the sea.

The main research focus of the museum is on faunistics and biodiversity, vertebrate as well as invertebrate. Collections of animals contain approx. 3 mill. specimens. The museum has approx. 2500 sqm exhibition galleries, including af floor with only temporary exhibitions. School services include lectures for school classes as well as courses for school teachers, field excursions, internet service. The museum offers a semipopular periodical publication “Nature and Museum” as well as a non-periodical scientific publication “Natura Jutlandica”.


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