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Cap Sciences

Cap Sciences is a centre for scientific, technical and industrial culture based in Bordeaux, Aquitaine.

The association was founded in 1995 at the initiative of the Ministry of Research and the Regional Council of Aquitaine. For over 15 years, Cap Sciences has been producing and presenting educational and cultural programmes to develop awareness and knowledge of science and technology.

This can be through on-site, travelling and online exhibitions and workshops, through events, visits and encounters, as well as through online multimedia reports and social media connections. Cap Sciences has developed an expertise in creating and managing resources and networks to support the dissemination of science and technology.

As centre for scientific, technical and industrial culture approved by the Ministry of Education and Research, Cap Sciences has always acted as a link between the world of research and the public by allowing the latter to discover and understand the themes, issues and the nature of scientific, technical and technological applications. Over the years, its connections have multiplied and widened. On a daily basis, Cap Sciences connects not only with the general public and a vast number of school children, but also with a wide range of professionals from companies, industries, research centers, institutions and association, from the scientific but also the cultural, political and business world.

Since 2012, Cap Sciences has been managing the INMEDIATS project, winner of the national call for proposals for Investments for the Future. This unique project brings together six of the major French science centres to make science and technology more accessible to all and in particularly to 15 to 25 year olds. To that end, it experiments and develops new tools for science communication using the potential of digital new technologies (personalised content, multimedia platforms, serious games, living labs, fablabs, social media…).

Cap Sciences has recently redefined its missions along three lines:

- the core science centre mission – Though its onsite and travelling exhibitions, workshops and events, Cap Sciences reaches around 250.000 people each year. It runs activities in its main building along the Garonne, but also in three “satellite” sites: two in underprivileged suburbs being redeveloped and one specialising in archeology. It is also more and more often called upon as a consultant and commissioned to manage external science culture projects.

- a mission at the heart of professional networks – As regional science centre, Cap Sciences is involved in running, facilitating and promoting the regional network of organisations which contribute to disseminating scientific, technological and industrial culture. It promotes synergies and brings its expertise. Cap Sciences is involved in defining the political strategies linked with regional research and innovation and runs the local creative industry network for the display of knowledge.

- a research and development mission – Cap Sciences develops collaborations and networks to set up and test technologies, and study their interactions with the audience. This activity is set up in a cluster-like structure bringing together with Cap Sciences, research centres and companies in particular from the creative industry sector. This allows start-up companies to acquire experience and references, and brings innovation to the science communication field.

Cap Sciences has also greatly developed its editorial activity, now mostly through digital media, working with a network of journalists to cover research and innovation, and science culture events. It comes in support of all three of its missions.

Around fifty people work full-time in Cap Sciences: designers, writers, mediators, decorators, graphic designers or web designers. In addition to the permanent team, 100 part-time explainers work in Cap Sciences every year on our exhibitions and workshops. Many external professionals are also fully involved in many of our projects.