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Techmania Science Center

Techmania Science Center after the years 2012 to 2014 has been finished the successful implementation and completion of the reconstruction of the area Techmania Science Center funded mainly from grants OP RDI of nearly 21 miles EUR. The whole area which belongs to the Techmania Science Center consists of approximately 30 000m2. There is the main hall, the Science Center, the 3D Planetarium the parking house and other objects and communications. Restored from the historic premises of the SKODA Company, a brand new urban space was created close to the City center. Techmania becomes an integral part of informal education for schools and public in the Czech Republic. The various programme offer consists of more that 13 interactive exhibitions, scientific shows, workshops, programmes at biological, chemist or physics laboratories. lectures etc. We aim to be the leading expert in science communication in the Czech Republic and to promote science and technology as good as possible.

With the help of the interactive exhibitions and 3D Planetarium, Techmania can surely extend the offer of science popularization for its visitors. Physics, astrophysics, chemistry, mathematic, but also biology, geography and geology are now the fields of knowledge Techmania is able to talk about and to show to the visitors its beauty and benefits. Techmania opened mind to almost 800 000 satisfied, entertained and well educated visitors during the whole 10 years since it operates.