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For many years now Michael Bradke has been collecting sound-making tools, musical instruments, sound-producing found objects and musical game rules from all around the world for his Mobile Music Museum.

Items in his collection such as the “Museum of Body Sounds”, “Mouth Music”, “Orchestra Games” or the “Rainforest Soundscape” are presented in stage performances where the audience joins in, in children’s theatres, gyms or in the open-air.

He conveys his expertise in instrument building and musical communication in sound workshops with themes like “Earth xylophone” or “Air Orchestra”.

The huge robust sound sculptures “Water Orchestra”, “Tone Tubes”, “Orchestra of the Giants” and “Box of Sounds” invite up to 100 people from 2 years upwards to participate and to experiment freely at open-air events.

All of the Sound Sculptures and Audience Participation Shows are perfect for celebrating big family music festivals.

The Mobile Music Museum stages hands-on music exhibitions and develops interactive sound sculptures related to individual themes, working internationally with many different partners.

Michael Bradke (*1962) has been making music ever since his childhood. He studied Musical science, Ethnology and Pedagogy, Percussion, Double Bass and Vocals at university. For many years he has been working pedagogically, introducing music making as well as the art of music to disadvantaged children and young people in drug prevention programmes, art academies for young people and museums. Since 1993 Michael Bradke has visited places all over the world with his collections, sound sculptures and exhibitions. It was a great honour for him to perform at the Children’s Festival of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany and to be awarded with the German Culture for Children Award in 2000.