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Science centre marketing: what's next?

It is widely understood that innovation is central to the success of modern enterprises, whether they are product or service focused, and belong to the private, public or voluntary sector. But the term is often used loosely to include virtually any form of change; and, notwithstanding the growing literature on the subject, clarity about the form of innovation suitable for given contexts is not always easy to establish. What may be appropriate in advancing improvement in science education may not be the right approach if effective communication is the goal.

This session will focus on the best practices in science centre marketing as a starting point for innovating and developping next pratices by looking for inspiration in art, festivals, theatre and design-thinking. Speakers will present their best pratices and explain how they experiment with new concepts and formats. The session is a must for curators, marketeers and educators looking for inspiration.


Development & Experience Design
Den Haag

Session speakers

This presentation will focus on presenting benchmarks (the world’s best!) of marketing by ‘enlightened brands’. Enlightened brands are truly innovative by taking meaningful action to improve both individual lives and the wider world; they are restless, empathetic and demanding. Enlightened brands are an inspiration for the future of science marketing
Growing competition, disruptive changes in media, faster changes in consumer attitudes and patterns – all reasons to look for new ways to buy a place in the consumer’s mind. I will share some thoughts and experiences on paths to follow.
Business Strategist
Using marketing metrics to re-shape marketing. Field of marketing is getting more and more diverse all the time, with new channels popping up and audience segments dividing into smaller fragments. Luckily, in a digital world there are also new tools for coping with change. In my presentation I will share what metrics we at Heureka have decided to follow, how that has shaped our way of communicating with different audiences and lead to some innovative and "cool" applications
Hans Gubbels
Matching product offering with market demand whilst keeping strategic goals and societal impact in mind. Unconventional ways of turning communication into engagement. Our story addresses our audiences' heart and mind.
Jessica Hilliard Science Gallery Dublin
Marketing and Communications Manager
Science Gallery Dublin
Harnessing the resources and knowledge of an organisation to innovate from within. Building on existing models, platforms and tools in order to play to the strengths of the team and enhance the methods used to share information and create better quality engagement with audiences, as well as moving beyond traditional metrics and kpi’s to evaluate what ‘success’ means in relation to communication.