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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all Conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Jon HaavieSebastian MartinHedinn GunhildrudHanne MadsenErik TorstenssonCarl BärstadJon Haavie

MakerSpaces can engage visitors with new technology in exciting ways. However, using digital tools in a science centre or museum context can be challenging. Time is limited and the learning curve can be steep. All too often visitor engagement is...

Strategy & vision
Baerbel AuffermannKatrin HiekeAliki GiannakopoulouIlaria ValotiCyril DworskyKatrin Hieke

In our globalised world, international networks are a growing part of our professional lives. We team up to face common challenges, learn from others outside our usual spheres, gain fresh ideas and discover new approaches to current issues....

Matthieu VernetJohn SearMelissa RichardKate KnealeIsabelle Chabanon-PougetMalvina Artheau

The GameLab is an informal drop-in space entirely dedicated to gaming.
Want to play some yet-to-come games designed by science centers? Ready to participate in an on-going experiment of collectively designing a game, from idea to...

Exhibit development
Julie BeckerRaphael ChanayOwain DaviesMarcin CentkowskiNathalie PuzenatMichael FeserMichał BuławaSamuela CaliariChristelle GuiraudIan Simmons

As professionals, we all have high expectations when we step into an exhibition space, ready to embark on an immersive visitor journey or to delve deep into intriguing interactive exhibits. Alas! After a few steps our exhibition maker’s angry eye...

Exhibit development
LAURENT CHICOINEAUludovic MaggioniAlexander NischelwitzerJiayi Jin

Virtual reality is a powerful tool for immersive experiences.

How did our science centres begin to develop this kind of experience? What's their feedback? How do they use it: with an explainer or not, in an exhibition or not... Is it a way...

Exhibit development
giovanni crupiFrancois VesciaHeidi RosenströmPeter Skogh

Science centres are more and more engaging into co-production ventures together.

There are many reasons for cooperating in exhibition development:

- Economical, as initial investment is shared between partners

- Cultural, as...

Mingle with other first-time delegates and meet a few conference old-timers who will share their tips and tricks to make the most of the Ecsite conference.

A refreshing start to three hectic conference days and an informal opportunity to...

Exhibit development
Karin GarberArmin DuffMeie van LaarManuela RingbauerBethan RossTanja Nymark

In our science centres or hands-on laboratories we aim to offer visitors a first-hand experience of the beauty of science. However, what the audience expects when signing up for a science workshop, might be very different to what the work of a...

Equity & Inclusion
Christelle GuiraudNathalie JoncourBenny Beringer

This workshop will offer participants a blindfolded discovery of:

- a little walk.

- some Business Bistro booths.

- various adapted exhibits brought by the speakers (relief drawing, adapted multimedia, editorial audio...

Marketing & communication
Maarten OkkersenPeter SlavenburgSvein Anders DahlTuomas OlkkuHans GubbelsJessica Hilliard

It is widely understood that innovation is central to the success of modern enterprises, whether they are product or service focused, and belong to the private, public or voluntary sector. But the term is often used loosely to include virtually...


See all information about this series of workshops here.

Strategy & vision
Sheena LaursenMarjolein van BreemenJoanna KalinowskaBlanka FijolekKim Gladstone Herlev

In our search for the best partnerships we collaborate with a broad group of industries, foundations, educational institutions and many more. In this session we share our experiences of partnerships between science centres and companies.