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Annual Conference sessions

The first Ecsite Conference took place in 1989. Here you can browse all conference sessions since 2010. Use the search engine to look for people, topics...

Looking for an older session? Our digital records start in 2007, with programme pdfs attached to each conference page

Marketing & communication
Maarten OkkersenSara CalcagniniStephen RobertsJet de Wit

Our public programmes are powerful drivers to reach audiences on the one hand and partners on the other hand. We want to both challenge the way visitors think and generate revenue. Achieving these aims can be seen as mutually exclusive or as...

Pre-Conference workshop
Exhibit development
Henrik SellIlse van ZeelandAnnette ScheersoiBryan CarrollAnne-Caroline Prévot

Museums and science centers often put on exhibitions about nature or environmental topics, aiming to equip visitors with a deeper understanding for the importance of conservation and the need for sustainability. Attracting visitors in man-made...

Equity & Inclusion
Rick HallRick HallÅsa LindgrenMariana Back

How can we involve hard-to-reach audiences, or those with access challenges, in the design and creation of both the form and content of STEM activities, either in discovery centres or out in their local communities? How do we design activities...


See all information about this series of workshops here.

Marketing & communication
Peter KolesárBranislav SitárOtakar HorakPetra LipnickaFrédérique HazéováMatúš Kvas

In this workshop participants will brainstorm the most effective ways to communicate science for various purposes and target groups.

We will start with a short lecture from an excellent particle physicist and a member of the CERN council...

Research, theory & evaluation
Marjelle van HoornNils Petter HauanMarie Hobson

The aim of this workshop is to help participants access and implement published academic research by: increasing awareness of what research exists and how to access it; providing practical techniques to enable participants to read research...

Jochen HungerAgnes BauerGène BertrandRauno BergmanChristian SichauMichael Bradke

Not everyone is a maker*, yet everyone “makes” him- or herself through a process of learning. We acquire knowledge from different fields through different channels, in distinct places, with selected people and at certain times. However, some of...

Jochen HungerLuigi AmodioAnna GunnarssonJutta Schlögl

In recent years the Maker movement introduced many cultural innovations in museums and science centres. Among these the so-called "culture of repair", which is not only of great benefit in terms of education, promoting the understanding of "how...

Malvina ArtheauIsabelle Chabanon-PougetKate KnealeDaniel RosqvistMelissa RichardMatthieu VernetJohn SearAntoine BlanchardDaniela De Angeli

The GameLab is an informal drop-in space entirely dedicated to gaming.
Want to play some yet-to-come games designed by science centers? Ready to participate in an on-going experiment of collectively designing a game, from idea to...

Strategy & vision
Robert FirmhoferBarbara StreicherAndres JuurLynn ScarffAsger HøegErnesto ParamoTapio KoivuMiruna Amza

Raymond Kurzweil, famous American author, inventor, computer scientist and futurist predicts that by the year 2030 implants will enhance human intelligence and memory; nanobots smarter than biology will eradicate diseases; transport and...

Rachel HaydonStephanie PaceMaria XanthoudakiPernille Hjort

There are various motivations to involve audiences in the co-curation and co-creation of exhibitions and activities, such as encouraging ownership, harnessing different perspectives, establishing relevance and fostering longer term relationships...

Social event

A networking highlight!

Ecsite invites all participants to come together for a drink among exhibitors' booths.

Traditionally exhibitors bring specialties from their home countries.