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Project showcase

Could an object describe your entire project?

The courageous speakers of this session took on this challenge and will be telling you about their projects in an original and jargon-free style.

Expect a 2-minute story for each project, followed by 45 minutes of networking. Join to get a quick overview of ongoing non-profit science engagement actions and meet those behind the showcased collaborative initiatives.


Project Manager

Session speakers

Anna Riethus
Research Manager
NMsee - The inclusive concept of research project “NMsee” combines new infrastructure, tactile exhibits and labels as well as a new information medium – an app game – to provide inclusive access to the permanent exhibition of the Neanderthal Museum for guests with visual impairments.
Head of Department of programme activity
The TeRRIFICA project relies on the fact that citizens should be involved in the agenda-setting process corresponding to climate change challenges. One of the results of the project is to set up tailored roadmaps and key performance indicators for the implementation of the developed methodologies and climate change adaptation and mitigation activities in regional practice. Through workshops and regional and international summer schools, TeRRIFICA aims to empower local people, with a particular focus on regional authorities and policy makers, and develop adequate solutions together with them. Through co-creative multi-stakeholder approaches, participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge around climate change and innovative climate action and to identify opportunities, drivers and barriers of implementation. Territorial action is at the core of mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
Head of Department of International Cooperation
AI Lab -- Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a term from science fiction. With the development of AI and its drastic and evident progress, numerous questions, doubts, fears and passions are emerging. What are the potentials that AI has to offer? Could we understand the future through interdisciplinary cooperation and creation of art and science projects and artworks¬? European ARTificial Intelligence Lab initiates discussion and involvement in a wide range of topics in the field of artificial intelligence, such as neuroscience and robotics, but also novel, highly attractive and intriguing (sub)disciplines like data science and machine/deep learning. AI Lab is a three-year project funded through the EU Creative Europe programme. The project brings together thirteen partners from eleven countries, as well as prestigious scientific institutions as external partners which are providing artistic residencies and opportunities for deeper discussion and engagement of wide range of actors and stakeholders.
Picture Holger Seifert
Head of Science Communication
Although science and technology contribute positively in Dresden, citizens are not able to see the excellent research work and innovative products of these domains. Through “Insight into Research”, visitors get to know innovations from Dresden institutes and factories: changing presentations show research results, prototypes and demonstrators, as well as introduce the scientists behind them. “Insight into Research” mixes exhibitions, presentation areas, hands-on exhibits, demonstrators and a space for dialogue events such as Science Cafés. Each topic is presented in a space of 20 m3 and a modular and moving carrier serves as base element for it. Its opening will take place on 19/05/2020 with the topic “Quantal materials” (partner Excellency Cluster ct:qmat – Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matters) in the spotlight. “5G and Internet of Things” (partner Barkhausen Institut TU Dresden) will be shown with partner from 23/05/2020, and in the autumn of 2020 the topic “Fuel Cell” (partner Frauenhofer IKTS) will join the initiative. Dialogue events will accompany each topic.
General Manager
The exhibition “The Pioneers of Modern Science”, designed by Usturlab as a result of a 2-year collaboration with different institutions, started welcoming science and art enthusiasts in Istanbul Airport since November 2019. It presents the scientists whose work built the foundations of disciplines such as algebra, mechanics, medicine, astronomy and physics through miniatures, replica objects, mechanical and digital applications that have never been showcased before. The 450 square meter exhibition is organised around five interactive themes such as Exploration, Observation, Human, Art and Civilization. In collaboration with NGOs, neighbourhood associations, and social agents, an ambitious outreach programme makes exhibition accessible for refugee children, children with Leukaemia, and students in public and village schools in Istanbul– to strengthen their ability to see the world from different perspectives using the scientific method, all the while grasping a shared sense of humanity.