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Technische Sammlungen Dresden

Technische Sammlungen Dresden / Technology Collections of Dresden A landmark building and outstanding example of industrial architecture in Dresden will soon be home to the city’s Museum for Media Technology and Communication, the Science World of Adventure, and the Dresden Centre for Photography. Step by step, what was once the heart of Dresden’s photography industry is being developed and expanded to provide room for exhibitions on over two hundred years of history leading up to today’s information society, for mathematical and scientific experiments and demonstrations, for a photography gallery, and for one of the largest collections of photography in the region. The museum is now already presenting many treasures from its extensive collections on the history of photography and cinema technology, computers, calculators, and typewriters, as well as the audiovisual media. Dresden’s important tradition as a centre of precision mechanics, electrical engineering, and microelectronics from the nineteenth century to the present are in the focus of interest.

At Math Adventure Land and the Experimentation Centre, the visitors encounter fascinating phenomena from the realms of science and technology. With a sense of play and astonishment, they can explore the scientific foundations of our culture. Temporary exhibitions present regional as well as international contemporary photography, explore the history of photography in the sciences, and show selections from the museum’s collection of cityscapes and portraiture. Numerous educational programmes, the Adventure Workshop, and the Technics Theatre make the Technology Collections of Dresden worth a visit for children, young people, and the whole family.