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Usturlab; was founded in 2012 by two women mathematicians in Istanbul to develop an innovative educational model where scientific curiosity, philosophical excitement and artistic sensitivity develop together.

To date, many education programs have been realized with the participation and creative efforts of educators and scientist from various fields. Usturlab invites children, young people and all who they can contact to boldly recognize and make sense of the World we live in. In order to accomplish this, Usturlab also gives consultancy services, designs educational games and leads the implementation of projects such as 'Space House, Forest School, Science Centers and Scientific Exhibitions'.

In cooperation with private and public institutions and organizations, Usturlab is actively involved in camps organized for young people to grow up as individuals who are sensitive to nature and eager to learn natural sciences with different perspectives.

Usturlab mobilizes all its knowledge, experience and equipment in order to educate generations who are able to transform and process their scientific, technological and artistic gains in a way that will benefit all humanity.