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Stiftung Neanderthal Museum

The explorative and varied museum on human evolution stands near the famous Neanderthal discovery site. Visitors undertake a journey through time, exploring human history – from our beginnings in Africa more than 4 million years ago up to the present. Especially popular are life-like recreations of our ancestors, like the Neanderthal man “Mr. N”, the Australopithecus woman “Lucy”, or the Neanderthal girl “Kina”. These spectacular hominins, created by the Dutch sculptors Adrie and Alfons Kennis, populate the permanent exhibition and invite visitors to feel part of our extensive human family.

A diverse range of installations and interactive stations make the museum visit a rich and varied experience. A day trip to Neanderthal may include a visit to the discovery site, the sculpture trail and the nearby Ice Age animal park.

Stone Age craft programs can be tried in the museum’s Stone Age Workshop. Especially popular are the activity programmes, which include archery and geocaching, for company outings or birthdays.