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Stiftung Neanderthal Museum

Multimedia museum on human evolution. The permanent exhibition is displayed on a spiraling ramp, gradually winding itself up over four floors. The first section of the walkway tells the history of the Neanderthal and describes the original discovery of the Neanderthal skeleton (“A valley and its Secret”). Following this introduction, the decisive moments in the history of humanity are presented (“A journey through time”). Five thematic areas give a chronological overview on the “Evolution of Humankind”, stressing the themes “Life and Survival”, “Tools and Knowledge”, “Myth and Religion”, “Environment and Nourishment”, as well as “Communication and Society”. Special Exhibitions are in line with a comprehensive supporting program, consisting of readings, scientific lectures, and special events. Services: full museum service, like guided tours and workshops. The Neanderthal Museum offers opportunities for school visits : children can experience the museum as a place of non-school related learning in a new and exciting way. The additional attractions in the exterior area, e.g. the Discovery Site, the “Human Traces” art trail and the Ice Age Game Reserve offer many ideas for teaching and free time and are ideal starting points for interdisciplinary project work and school lessons in Biology, History, Chemistry and Art.