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Having fun with molecules, atoms and particles

Let’s look at matter with either particle physics, biology or chemistry glasses on. Discover four games or interactives succeeding to explain the invisible.

Wondering what the GameLab is? This is our definition for the Ecsite conference. Don't hesitate to pop by during one of the drop-in slots!


Head of Science/Culture Dpt

Session speakers

Programmanager Science
Den Haag
Physicist and science communicator, I have been working at the Museon in the Hague for three years. We are a museum for science and culture where I am a content developer for science subjects (mainly physics, some chemistry, some maths and some media-related subjects). I develop both educational materials and exhibition content for children aged four to sixteen. In the workshop I will share highlights of the recently-developed lesson about particle physics for students in their early teens.
Museum Educator
Museum Educator and responsibel for Chemistry at the Nobel Museum. Since 2001 the museum has produced a large number of travelling exhibitions as well as exhibitions in the museum, highlighting the work done by Nobel Laureates. Over the years we have used the periodic table in many fun and interactive ways. We have organized a sewing circle during the museum night when our audience embroided the periodic table! But we have also produced a number of high tech interfaces where the periodic table has served as a starting point, for example composing unique music for every element...
Didier Perret – Chimiscope – UNIGE
Executive director
Chimiscope - UNIGE
Chemist and heads the Chimiscope, a platform of the Scienscope (University of Geneva) aimed at offering edutainment shows to 4-104 y.o. youngsters for discovering and experimenting the world of molecules. My goal at this workshop is to present a set of new and incentive approaches bringing novices to the commonly so-called boring/frightening concepts of the Periodic Table of the Elements, demonstrating that chemistry can be fun and is definitely linked to our everyday life.
Science popularizer
Science communicator at the university of Montpellier (since 2017 October), I work on the ATOME HÔTEL project which aims to explore the pedagogical dimensions of the periodic table of the elements : web-documentary (www.atome-hotel.fr / only in french), atomic library, atomic curiosity cabinet and workshops for students about spectroscopy (from everydays lights to atomic signature)