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The city: an arena for new forms of science communication

From science museums and centres to research institutions and citizens associations, an increasing set of actors are transforming the city into an arena for new forms of science communication and engagement. This session will focus on the challenges and opportunities generated by this process and critically present examples and experiences that range from temporary Science Shops to Researchers' Night, from science picnics to touring activities.

What (new) forms can engagement take, framed in the context of cities? How is it possible to turn all these actions into a coherent cultural system that make cities evolve? What kind of relationships develop among the different actors involved?


CEO city2science
city2science GmbH

Session speakers

Two outreach activities will be presented: Cooperation between SC and shops along the street between the Science centre and the main square - shops become science points on the curiosity journey. Visiting capillaries - small towns and changing its school into a science centre for a day.
Leonardo Alfonsi
Director at Psiquadro
What happens when researchers and communicators create "outdoor" opportunities for public engagement? Universities and Research Institutions are increasingly implementing actions to dialogue with citizens outside the labs or to transform labs into public space for exploration and reflection on science and technology. We will browse through few examples to discuss how to turn these experiences into a constant interaction opportunity and into a learning process evolving from outreach to responsible communication.
Interactive Exhibit Developer - Science Show Performer
Young people, children, adults, groups from different countries come to our Science Center and spend a lot time by playing, experimenting, discussing, having fun. That's great. Our Science Center tries "to go" to them as well, in different ways and by using different formats (special science dinners, science shows at special event, Technorama on Tour with Exhibits and Workshops at supermarket or fair...) . I would like to share our experiences with you and discuss how can we improve it and maybe build a long-term process.
Chief of Unicorn Division
Science Picnic is the largest European outdoor event promoting science. Exhibitors, Families, curious people, scientists, institutions are coming from all part of the world to participate, share, enjoy the Picnic. I would like to share this experience of 20 years of building a community around this contagious and creative event and we will try to have a live-connection, since this year the Science Picnic is taking place just in these days!