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Science Center Netzwerk

ScienceCenter-Netzwerk is an Austrian association furthering the understanding of and curiosity for science and technology by means of interactive science centre activities. These aim to fascinate, to motivate thinking ahead and to enable a casual, light-hearted access to sciences and technology for all ages. We aim to make such science center activities more popular, to spread, encourage, improve and investigate them.

We achieve this by supporting a network of actors in Austria. More than 160 partners have already joined the network and contribute actively to the community by developing, offering or using interactive science center activities troughout Austria. They work together within ScienceCenter-Netzwerk to exchange experience, discuss strategies and ideas, develop cooperative projects and be more visible.

As a central node within the network we establish cooperation and exchange between network partners by organizing regular network meetings, trainings and by creating means for internal communication. We initiate and coordinate manifold projects that offers invite self-determined learning and hands-on experimentation for various target groups of all ages. In addition, we focus on research on science center activities, providing further input for professional development within the network.

Mariano Gago Ecsite Awards

Winner - Beacon of the Year

Barbara Streicher (Executive Manager at Science Center Netzwerk, Vienna Austria) won the Beacon of the Year Award for personal embodiment of our network’s values.