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Conference highlights - 9 June

Closing ceremony of the 2018 Ecsite Conference, Geneva, Switzerland © Ecsite / Natural History Museum of Geneva / Olivier Miche or Philippe Wagneur

#Ecsite2018 Highlights 9 June

The 2018 Ecsite Conference just finished in Geneva, Switzerland. It gathered 1182 participants from 58 different countries, making it the largest Ecsite conference ever. 

A warm thank you to the Natural History Museum of Geneva, who hosted the conference in partnership with CERN, University of Geneva Scienscope, and Campus Biotech. And of course to all the participants give life to the conference with their ideas and energy. 

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Yesterday's highlights

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Giulia and Jill Enders, author and illustrator of Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ, delivered a keynote speech at 10.30. For the rest of the day, participants were able to pick and choose between ten parallel session strands. Topics included political compromises, team creativity, resilience, the future of science exhibitions, recontextualising collections, DIYbio, urban nature and many more.

The conference found its conclusion at the Farewell Party, at the Bâtiment des forces motrices, a beautiful building on the river Rhône whose initial function was to supply Geneva’s households with drinking water, now converted into one of the hippest venues in the city.


Conference summaries

This comprehensive set of resources retraces the past few days’ rich story:


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Dates for the diaries of very early planners: the 2020 Ecsite Conference will be taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 11-13 June 2020, while the 2021 Ecsite Conference will be taking place in Stavanger, Norway, on 10-12 June 2021.


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2018 Ecsite Conference

A record-breaking 1,182 professionals from 58 countries gathered in Geneva, Switzerland for the 29th edition of the Ecsite Conference. It was hosted by the Natural History Museum of Geneva in partnership with CERN, University of Geneva Scienscope, and Campus Biotech.