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Humans versus machines: Who is the better museum mediator?

Let's put some human touch in this developing artificial intelligence world.

We will reflect on the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in the museums world and see how scientific and cultural mediation can merge with AI to create what we call the best "museum mediator". Following examples, visions and (hypo)thesis, we will consider this impressive technical development in museums. It can inspire our society to create a mediation tool which is not only intelligent and able to show new realities but is also following a human oriented approach.


Museums coordinator, board member association mediamus
mediamus, Swiss association for professionals in museum mediation

Session speakers

We Are Museums
As a specialist in museum digital strategy and long-standing member of the museum and innovation community, Diane Drubay regularly speaks at international conferences to share her vision of the future of museums. She will introduce the subject and give the main inputs for the discussion.
Director of Cultural Mediation Switzerland
Kulturvermittlung Schweiz
As the managing director of the association Cultural Mediation Switzerland, Tiina Huber is currently working on the subject of digital mediation in the cultural and museum sector. Familiar with the main theories of this fascinating new field she will contribute to the discussion.
Head of Exhibitions and Digital
Museum of Communication
The Museum of Communication Berne has recently adopted a new approach by introducing the so-called communicators. Besides the latest technology, the communicators are in charge to make each visit a personal and individual experience.