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New Planetarium in Malta receives a Colorspace Theater

Elton Micallef,
Interactive Centre Executive S&T Officer
Email: elton.micallef@gov.mt
Direct: +356 21 2360 2177

In 2015, the Malta Council for Science and Technology will open the doors to the National Interactive Science Center, a complex that will occupy several of the most imposing and magnificent buildings overlooking the entrance into the Grand Harbour in Malta. The site comprises of 4 buildings and an outdoor space each of which will be pivotal to displaying exhibits and presenting live science. One of the buildings will be a stunning 10.7 meter in diameter planetarium, where a complete Colorspace 4K theater system will be built and installed. The Project is part-financed by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Co-financing rate: 85% EU Funds; 15%National Funds, Investing in your future.

A Colorspace 4K system that features a digital display solution based on a five channel Barco F35 setup will be designed, supplied and installed. The system will enable the planetarium to show both the best fulldome shows and live presenter-led visualization of astronomy and other sciences.

The science center and planetarium will be located on the St. Salvatore peninsula in Kalkara, a site with a fascinating history. The Royal Naval Hospital Bighi was built here in 1832, serving as the largest naval military hospital in the Mediterranean. A look at the history of Bighi Hospital reveals the important part it played in the treating of the sick and injured navy personnel and civilians throughout its existence. During the Second World War, the whole area around the harbour was heavily bombarded and Bighi Hospital took a few hits. A number of its buildings were badly damaged. The site closed its doors as a hospital in September 1970 when the Naval Medical Services were transferred to the David Bruce Military Hospital in Mtarfa.

The layout of the National Interactive Science Centre will be designed to provide opportunities for discovery and investigation to take place during each visit. The Centre’s thematic areas are: universe, electricity and magnetism, earth science, eco life, human biology, motion and forces, light and optics, illusions, music, nature of matter, engineering and telecommunications including Villa Bighi and its Medical History. Global and local issues as well as scientific developments will be given due importance and presented through attractive interactive hands-on exhibits.


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Esplora Interactive Science Centre

Esplora, Malta’s Interactive Science Centre is an informal educational and recreational facility suited to visitors of all age groups. Esplora is located at Villa Bighi in Kalkara overlooking Malta’s Grand Harbour. The building was formerly used as a hospital by the Royal Navy. It consists of a number of buildings and outdoor spaces which are all interconnected following extensive restoration and development.