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Explore and experience the new Multisensory Room at Esplora!

Esplora Interactive Science Centre has always strived to provide a fully accessible visitor experience and the new multisensory room project fully supported by Bank of Valletta p.l.c. will give people with physical, intellectual, emotional or behavioural disabilities an enhanced inclusive experience.

The multisensory room at Esplora was specifically created to offer an immersive experience, tapping into various senses using specialised equipment to provide a calming environment, stimulate mental activity and promote interaction. It is highly beneficial for people with physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities, using colours, sounds, smells, touch and light.

The multisensory room is made accessible through hoists and includes specialist sensory equipment which provide optical, acoustic and tactile stimulation. It features a comfortable waterbed which offers relaxing gentle movements, pressure seating which provides comfort and a podium around beautiful bubble columns. It has a state-of-the-art interactive floor projector with multiple scenes and games to encourage movements together with a sound-sensitive ladder lights activity to promote vocal communication and sound creation. The room also comes equipped with hand-held fibre optic lighting, cozy bean bags, ceiling projections, a mirror ball lights display plus calming sounds and gentle scents which creates a beautiful and multi-purpose environment.


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Esplora Interactive Science Centre

Esplora, Malta’s Interactive Science Centre is an informal educational and recreational facility suited to visitors of all age groups. Esplora is located at Villa Bighi in Kalkara overlooking Malta’s Grand Harbour. The building was formerly used as a hospital by the Royal Navy. It consists of a number of buildings and outdoor spaces which are all interconnected following extensive restoration and development.