NANO2ALL in dialogue with stakeholders in Sweden: What’s needed for societal engagement in nanotechnology?

NANO2ALL multi-stakeholder dialogue participants at INNOVATUM Science Center, Sweden

23 November 2017. INNOVATUM Science Center hosted 12 stakeholders concerned with nanotechnology from different perspectives for a full-day exploration of how to integrate greater societal engagement in research and innovation in the field of nanotechnology.

Through several activities, participants identified their concerns and the actions and interactions needed to deliver a research and innovation process that responds to society's values and needs.

Two futuristic nanomedicine devices developed by citizens in a previous round of NANO2ALL dialogues served as the basis for the initial discussion; several participants pointed out the need for environmental risk, or life-cycle, analysis on products and greater understanding of how devices would affect humans in the long-term. How research and innovation respond to market forces was also flagged up as the central challenge of these processes.

Interested to know what actions and interactions participants thought could address some of these concerns? Consult the PDF available below.



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