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NANO2ALL in dialogue with stakeholders in Poland

NANO2ALL multi-stakeholder dialogue participants at the Bialystok University of Technology, Poland

NANO2ALL's multi-stakeholder dialogue on nano-textiles, organised by Bialystok University of Technology in Bialowieza (Poland) in October 2017, drew 20 participants from a range of fields including business, academia, civil society, public administration and the media.

With the help of future-oriented dialogue methodology, participants set their minds towards the future and creatively confronted ideas, assumptions and goals.

Their thoughts on greater societal engagement on responsible nanotechnology? The need for wider access to knowledge about socially responsible nanotechnology innovations dedicated to citizens was highlighted as a key recommendation. As certain common challenges such as aging societies affect all European societies and all community members without exception, they must be used as opportunities to create joint activities and strengthen cooperation within responsible innovation.

Browse through the photo gallery of the event and read more about the dialogue's conclusions - both preliminary and definitive - in the PDFs available below. Five more multi-stakeholder events have taken place since; find out what stakeholders in Israel, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden had to say.



Bialystok University of Technology

Originally established in 1949 as a Private Evening Engineering College with the departments of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and nationalised in 1951, Bialystok University of Technology finally acquired its university status in 1974. It is the largest university of its kind in Poland’s north-eastern region. The campus is beautifully situated near a forest and within easy reach of the city centre.