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Innovatum Science Center

Innovatum Science Center is a fantastic house full of discovery and experiences. We have 4 400 m2 full of interactive station and exhibitions that can be experienced by any generation. We want to show that technology can be fun and easily understood! We have ca. 65.000 visitors. During the summer and in the vacations we offer special activities, like workshops, shows and entertainment for the whole family. The remaining year some 25-30 000 children and teenagers visit us with their schools and participate in some of the more than 30 educational programs and activities that we offer.

The area, where the Innovatum Science Center is located today, is old NOHAB industrial estate. Here steam locomotives and turbines etc. where manufactured once. Today the media and film industry, as well as Sweden’s latest technical center for research and development is located here. You can also find an industrial smithy – the last preserved interior from the NOHAB time. During the summer we open the smithy in order to give the visitors the possibility to experience a unique historical work environment. The Innovatum Science Center is situated close to the overwhelming waterfall and lock area. An experience in itself! During the summer you can use the cableway, which in only 4 minutes, take you to the other side of the Trollhätte-Canal. There you can visit the Olidan power station and go for a walk in the wonderful nature. All over the area you can find our information boards and with help of our guide booklet you will see the nature and the industrial heritage from a different angle.

Innovatum Science Center is a part in The Innovatum Technology Park. The Innovatum Technology Park also consist of an Incubator and an arena for technology projects .

Open Tuesday - Sunday, 11 a.m. to 16 p.m. Closed Mondays (except certain holidays). For details visit our homepage www.innovatum.se