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Futuro Remoto a great success

Celebrating its 29th Edition, this year Futuro Remoto, held from 15 to 18 October, won the challenge of moving from its location in Bagnoli to the heart of the city of Naples in Plebiscito Square. More than 130.000 visitors have been to the Science Festival that involved six universities of the Campania region and more than 400 institutions, research centers , universities, cultural and artistic associations, schools and businesses. A big Science Village with nine thematic domes (Food, Sea, Innovation, Body and Mind, Space, Earth, Factory, City, Communication) hosted interactive labs, workshop, science shows and exhibits.
The chosen theme, BORDERS refers not only to the ones in science and technology, but also to those in civil society including the new frontiers of shame that a piece of Europe seeks to defend by raising walls against humanity like those who are frightened and are trying to flee from war and religious fundamentalism. A symbolic wall was raised in the square. Throughout the duration of the event, at the end of each day, representatives of CVOs groups torn down a piece of this wall to act against barriers: geopolitical and geographic, homophobic and gender stereotypes, architectural barriers and barriers against the access to knowledge.
The success of Futuro Remoto was the result of a team work coordinated by Città della Scienza in collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II and the Regional Education Office, and thanks to the participation of all the Neapolitan excellences in the sector of research, science and technology: a big network engaged to promote the culture of innovation for the economic development of the region.