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CORPOREA – a journey in the human body

Città della Scienza's new building (Naples, Italy), housing Corporea, the first European interactive museum dedicated to the human body, and Dome 3D
Corporea exhibition at Città della Scienza (Naples, Italy)Corporea exhibition at Città della Scienza (Naples, Italy)Corporea exhibition at Città della Scienza (Naples, Italy)

Our new permanent exhibition opens to the public on 4 March.

Starting from the infinitely little secrets of the human body, to reach huge and mainly unexplored ones of the universe that we see looking up. Two journeys  - the perfect machine of our body and the space between stars and planets - to learn, experiment, have fun and learn.

Four years after the fire that destroyed the science centre, once again Città della Scienza gets its leading role to combine knowledge, education and entertainment, with two openings: Corporea the first European interactive museum dedicated to the human body and Dome 3D, the largest and most advanced planetarium of Italy.

"A symbolic date for a new beginning - says Vincenzo Lipardi, Secretary General - after the fire  that destroyed the museum in 2013. We hardly worked to be back to being a point of reference in the panorama of the cultural institutions of the country and the region. Città della Scienza after the fire got extraordinary solidarity from the country, from Europe and worldwide: over 400,000 between citizens, schools, businesses, local communities supported it by small  contributions, which have led to raise about 2 million euro. This pushed us to keep working for the reopening the exhibition areas, boost the incubator for new start-up companies and look to the future. Today  with Corporea and Planetarium, we are once again one of the main centers of knowledge and innovation of our country, and start to attract people from all over the world. "

Over 5.000 square meters on three levels, 14 thematic islands (from cardio circulatory apparatus to digestive system, from the sexual and reproductive to the five senses), about 100 exhibits, exhibitions, big installations and interactive stations. Corporea is also a journey through time, which links past and future into a single thread: on the one hand beautiful archaeological and historical findings, on the other hand the new frontier of digital manufacturing, with a 3D printer to create some anatomic files and displaying fully 3D printed implants.


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Città della Scienza, Naples


email: international@cittadellascienza.it

Visitors will enter the most complex mechanisms that regulate life. Ours! A unique experience to follow in three languages: Italian, English and Chinese.



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