At Città della scienza, Naples, Italy - from November to January the 31st FUTUROREMOTO

Futuro Remoto, the biggest annual event of science communication organized by Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza, is focus this year on the impact that man’s activities produces on Earth and on the role of technology. The way that man has changed environment around him and natural cycles and nature itself of ecosystems is an extraordinary demonstration of his exclusive potential! Man improved technology making it more and more advanced and operative. With technology, man’s power improves. But it is necessary more and more ENERGY to make this technology work!

Futuro Remoto 2010 offers the opportunity to imagine possible future scenario of our future!

The exhibitions

Ice Age. Mammut from Russia Value of use. Energy and Society Telecom Italia Future Lab in Naples: the house of the future is now. History of Solar Energy Use. Scientific discoveries and technological developments AfterVille ( Multimedia exhibition by Undesign)