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Ocean Eye – an Escape Game about microplastics and life below water

Who can help marine biologist Miriam Patrik and solve the mystery of Ocean
Eye? The association ScienceCenter-Netzwerk and Mental Home e.U. present a
unique escape game and exhibition of a different kind. Instead of escaping,
you have to open the mobile lab.

Ocean Eye

The Escapebox with a sustainable mission! A new exciting game about microplastics in the ocean combines a unique escape room experience with tricky puzzles, scientifically based facts and tasks.

Marine researchers warn: Not only warming threatens the world's oceans, but also (micro)plastic leads to far-reaching changes in our marine ecosystems. The protection of our oceans (Goal 14 – Life below Water) is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

With each solution step, Ocean Eye unfolds new perspectives, challenges and gripping riddles around the topic of microplastics. The players need teamwork and creative solutions. Classic Escape puzzles meet real experiments. But watch out! There is only one hour to solve the puzzles.

The Escapebox Ocean Eye is a live one-hour group game for 3 to 6 people aged 15 and up. It's compact, needs only a small room and speaks to a whole new target group of game-affine Teens and young adults.

Get in touch if you want to show Ocean Eye at your institution/organisation.

Right now available in German and English, other languages on demand and available soon.

Ocean Eye website

Project website @ScienceCenter-Network

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Escapebox-dimensions (width, depth, height): closed 1.80x1.83x2.05 m; open approx. 4.00x4.00x2.05 m; assembly and dismantling done by ScienceCenter-Netzwerk.

Pils Matiasek


+43 676 89 75 78 315



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