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Registration open for Symposium on intercultural science education

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From 17-18 October 2019, Ecsite´s Beacon of the year Barbara Streicher and her ScienceCenter-Network Austria invite you to Vienna for a special learning opportunity:

International Symposium: Promoting Intercultural Science Education For Adults

This 1,5 day symposium invites science centers and museums, cultural and educational institutions to learn and reflect on theoretical and practical aspects when working with adult refugees and migrants.

  • What key competences do Science Educators and Facilitators need?
  • How can we train our staff?
  • Can we become thoroughly inclusive learning spaces?

An opportunity to learn, share and discuss

The international PISEA consortium, comprised by several Ecsite members, generated a set of practical resources to tackle these questions. Get to know the Booklet of competences, the Staff training resources and the Handbook for adult science education institutions, discuss pilot activities, bring your own examples (poster session) and reflect on structural implementations with invited experts!

The symposium is hosted by the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art, see the detailed programme and online-registration.


  • intercultural
  • science center netzwerk
  • refugees
  • migrants



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