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Putting RRI into practice

This workshop provides a comprehensive training on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), the ongoing process of aligning research and innovation with societal needs and expectations and one of the most important science policy trends in EU funding scheme Horizon 2020.

This training addresses the needs of professionals who are interested in leading their organisations into RRI practice, and will be particularly useful to those working in science communication/education, contributing to improve their interactions with researchers, policy makers, business and industries and civil society.

Participants will be exploring the RRI Toolkit (www.rri-tools.eu), an online repository bringing together dozens of unique and reliable tools for a variety of RRI scenarios. The RRI Toolkit is also a great place to look for answers on what RRI is. It provides a clear understanding of RRI and why it is becoming the future of scientific advancement and social innovation. And for those who doubt whether RRI has anything to do with their work, RRI Tools provides a self-reflection tool to help determine where they stand.

A detailed programme is available here.


Consultant in educomms
A Mountain with Wings
Director - Department of Science - La Caixa Foundation

Session speakers

Board Member
"If anything is really changing in the history of the relations between science and society it is the ongoing shift from popularization to active participation. RRI embraced this shift as its own flag. Over the rainbow lies therefore the reinforcement of stakeholder and citizen engagement. The place of science centres in this future will be under discussion."
Programme Manager - International Relations and Learning
"Is RRI really possible? And how does this translate to an informal science learning setting such as a science center or museum? Following examples of where Experimentarium has incorporated elements of RRI participants will be invited to discuss how and when different RRI elements and the overall concept of RRI might influence and change their institutions".
Professor of Science Communication / Planetary Science
University College London
"By playing different roles, we will have active session that will show us the usefulness of RRI and will help us to better communicate it"
Antonina Khodzhaeva Ecsite Project Manager
"Together we will explore ways of bringing into practice innovative informal science education through memorable experiences at science centres and museums. The RRI scope is a great ecosystem to spark interest in science and technology, promote science careers, critical thinking, creativity, science literacy and responsible citizenship."
Zentrum für Soziale Innovation, ZSI
"We intended to ease the participants to examine their own reflection process and to identify ways on how to foster RRI in their daily practice".
Sciences Project Officer
European Schoolnet
"Involving students in the reflection around R&I supports their engagement as active citizens and the attractiveness of STEM careers, as well as the development of scientific literacy and key STEM skills. How can we integrate RRI dimensions in science teaching? Join us to explore and discuss ideas and practices for RRI at school".
Project Manager
Fundación La Caixa
"How can the RRI Toolkit assist you in developing your understanding of, and capacity to implement RRI? Through this session we will foster RRI by harnessing all the potential of our Toolkit!"
Senior Researcher
ZSI - Centre for Social Innovation GmbH
"In this session we will explore on a practical level the self-reflection tool, focusing specifically on one of the key elements of RRI, namely public engagement".