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Developing, prototyping & hacking science games

One day to trigger participants’ creativity, imagine one or several science-related game(s) and bring them to life through prototyping. Prototypes will then be beta-tested during the main conference, hosted in the GameLab space further where hacks, developments and iterations will be encouraged.

The workshop's morning will be dedicated to the exploration of what makes a good game, with input from game professionals. Then, together, with dedicated coaches, we will unleash everyone’s creativity to imagine new, fun, engaging games, with some science in them. Competition, challenge, cooperation will be our fuel. And we will need it as, by the end of the morning, we should have a clear idea of the games we imagined to be able to…. well… make them during the afternoon.

Whether you are a non-player, an old romantic wooden game lover, a role play psychopath, a video game hacker or just a usual player, an Ecsite conference regular or newcomer, a rooky, beginner or confirmed game developers - you are welcome!

Depending on participants' profiles and skills the games that will be designed will be board games, physical games (long or short) or even videogames.

This session will show what a wonderful tool games and gamification are to enhance any visitor experience from queuing to meeting new people, from collaborating to questioning, from playing to working.

You will find a detailed overview of the workshop programme here.


Kate Kneale
Director HKD (Design studio UK)
United Kingdom
Events Manager @Carrefour numérique

Session speakers

project manager
Workshop Facilitation Creativity
John Sear, Game Designer at Museum Games
Real-world Game Designer
Museum Games
United Kingdom
Game design Facilitation Creativity
Malvina Artheau
Freelance - co-creation practices and projects
Artheau Accompagnement
Research Associate
University of Bath
United Kingdom