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Sea for Society Toolkit


Towards the Blue Society

Sea for Society is a European project which aim has been to ask European citizens and stakeholders about their expectations and what we can do better to implement a sustainable and fair management of the Ocean resources, and make them collaborate together to create a Blue Society.

The Sea for Society project partners have also organised some original mobilization activities, after consulting and talking to citizens and stakeholders from all over Europe. The main aim of all mobilisation has been to enrich, to illustrate and to implement the concept of Blue Society.

Several of the Sea for Society project partners are science centres, museums and aquaria. Their aim has been and will still be in the future to engage as many people as possible to the importance the Blue Society approach, and act all together for a better future. If you are a science centre, or you organize science festival or science communication activities in general, we hope you will be interested in having a look at the creative mobilization activities that Sea for Society has already tested in their countries.

Below you can find a description of all the tools that can be used for mobilisation, available in various languages and adaptable to various scenarios.

There are two types of tools available: some of them were created to reach people from our five target groups, which are citizens, youth, business sector, researchers and decision-makers, and other tools aim to involve more stakeholders in the Sea for Society project. Please feel free to use them or to adapt them to your local activities!

Each tool can be used individually, but they can also be combined to reinforce their impact.

If you use any of those materials in the future, we would be very happy to know about your contribution to Blue Society! Please write us at seaforsociety@nausicaa.fr


For museum staff: A user’s guide of the mobilisation tools

If you want to familiarize with SFS tools, we suggest you read this document first. It contains a description of all type of activities developed by project partners and provides detailed information on the materials available.

Get your visitors to sign the Citizen Promise

Sign this document to commit to “…uphold the Blue Society and respect its values to the best of my ability in my professional and personal capacities”

If you are a stakeholder working in the field of oceans and marine resources, you can sign a more elaborated version of the Commitment.

A giant PDF version of the Citizen Promise is also available, along with a Giant Charter, if you need to print them in large format and get your visitors to sign it when the pass by.

Take the quiz!

Do you really know what the ocean does for you? Take the quiz to find out!

A great introductory video to show to your visitors

You can choose between a general introductory video on the Sea for Society project, available in English and French.

Fantastic animated videos

Topics: The Ocean & Oxygen, The Ocean & Fresh water, The Ocean & Food, The Ocean & Leisure, The Ocean & Manufactured Goods, The Ocean & Culture, The Ocean & Communication.

Available languages: English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Hebrew


Print them out in big format and for visitors to learn new facts about all the great things that the Ocean bring to us:

The Ocean & Fresh Water

The Ocean & Food

The Ocean & Energy

The Ocean & Leisure

The Ocean & Trade

Blue Society brochure, to spread the word about Blue Society to your visitors

Public resource


Sea for Society

Sea for society started with a consultation phase involving stakeholders and citizens, aiming to raise awareness and identify top challenges in our daily interactions with the sea. Followed by a project’s mobilisation phase, advocating a collective vision for sustainable marine environments, the project eventually formed and introduced a future vision for the Ocean - the “Blue Society”.