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1 June 2012 - 30 November 2015

Sea for Society

Sea for society started with a consultation phase involving stakeholders and citizens, aiming to raise awareness and identify top challenges in our daily interactions with the sea. Followed by a project’s mobilisation phase, advocating a collective vision for sustainable marine environments, the project eventually formed and introduced a future vision for the Ocean - the “Blue Society”.



The Blue Society encapsulates a vision for society in which people benefit from the Ocean's vast potential while preserving its environmental integrity. Central to this vision is a system of governance in which the Ocean is recognized as a global common which must be collectively managed across sectors and borders. Education, the effective enforcement of policies, science-informed action and the development of cross-sector partnerships are key components.

Education & learning
ocean, Ocean literacy, sea, environment, education, governance
Practical guide or toolkit

In this toolkit you can find a description of all the tools that can be used for mobilisation, available in various languages and adaptable to various scenarios.

Topics in science